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FOSSology 4.2.1 Release

By Announcements

New Features in FOSSology 4.2.1

This release is for the quick hot-fix on 4.2.0.

This release applies fix for REST API to patch access to User object. More fixes like importing missing classes and handling other PHP Errors and Notices.

Credits to contributors for 4.2.1

From the GIT commit history, we have the following contributors since 4.2.0:

> Gaurav Mishra <>
> Shaheem Azmal M MD <>


  • `4bcf25682` feat(user-edit): make use of retention period to display expired tokens


  • `53c047bfb` fix(ui): fix PHP error and notices
  • `aeceaff6a` hotfix(ui): fix User object accessing

FOSSology 4.2.0 Release

By Announcements

New Features in FOSSology 4.2.0

This release adds important corrections to 4.2.0-rc1

Since 4.2.0-rc1, minor updates with dependencies and a fix to unified report has happened.

The release 4.2.0 introduces a number of corrections to 4.1.0 and major changes to FOSSology, including:

  • Adopting standards to FOSSology source code.
  • Detecting copyrights as per REUSE standards.
  • Support for Ubuntu Jammy (22.04)
  • Display package health according to Licenses folder.
  • Update various dependencies.
  • Fix line breaks for LibreOffice.
  • Multiple new features in REST API.

Credits to contributors for 4.2.0

From the GIT commit history, we have the following contributors since 4.1.0:

> aman1971 <>
> Antoine Auger <>
> Avinal Kumar <>
> dushimsam <>
> Gaurav Mishra <>
> Karthik Krishna <>
> Krishna Mahato <>
> Martin Daur <>
> pret3nti0u5 <>
> rohitpandey49 <>
> Shaheem Azmal M MD <>
> Soham Banerjee <>
> Thanvi pendyala <>


  • `76dc5801d` chore(php-jwt): use new features from v6.3.0
  • `fd8eef901` feat(composer): update composer dependencies


  • `88faee7e7` fix(debian): prevent duplication of bootstrap
  • `965552b12` fix(unifiedReport): fix line break issue in libre office
  • `f2650a9de` fix(oneShotMonk): convert value to int to fix php fatal
  • `28de987d6` fix(licenseView): fix missing comment select

Article about 10 years project anniversary for FOSSology published

By Announcements

An article referring to the anniversary of ten years of FOSSology has been published at the IFOSS Legal Review.It was a joint work of some persons who have contributed to the project over the past years including the founder of the project Robert Gobeille: Kate Stewart, Maximilian Huber, Johannes Najjar, Andreas Wuehrl, Oliver and Fendt and Michael C. Jaeger.

The article was published in the December 2017 issue of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review, “a collaborative legal publication aiming to increase knowledge and understanding among lawyers about Free and Open Source Software issues”.

The article details page can be found here:

FOSSology 3.3 Release

By Announcements

New Features in FOSSology 3.3

This release was tagged rather quickly after the release 3.2 – comparing it to the time between 3.1 and 3.2. It basically contains improvements in the scanning and the handling of acknowledgements. Further it contains important corrections with the delagent. All users of 3.2 should update to the 3.3 release.

More information can be found here:


Looking into the git commit history shows you all the users who have contributed to this release since 3.2, the git user names:

alpianon, amanjain97, Anupam, ChristophNiehoff, deveaud-m, Gaurav, Maximilian, rlintu, Shaheem


* `4f48227` feat(ui): Color mapping for risk level in the ui.
* `12f5546` feat(nomos): extend unclassified license detection
* `9904b2c` feat(license): add acknowledgements to license clearing include acknowledgements in unified report include acknowledgements in readmeoss add acknowledgement tests
* `05dbf91` feat(licenses): add license text to fossology database from SPDX license text added for Abstyles, Adobe-2006, Adobe-Glyph, Afmparse, AMPAS, APAFML, bzip2-1.0.5, bzip2-1.0.6, CrystalStacker, curl, gnuplot, Intel-ACPI, MIT-CMU, SCEA, TCL, TMate rename license Intel-acpi to Intel-ACPI closes #1052
* `4299a5f` feat(obligation): update csv licesnse changes in the obligation table
* `be6434e` feat(licenses): missing INFILE added, IBM-reciprocal added


* `e478bbf` fix(reuser): copy license decision in reuse
* `3d0c4b8` fix(schema): check for inherits when drop indexes
* `7bc1c82` fix(copyright): Fix copyright_decision table
* `d7cd66c` fix(upload-file): get distinct of groupid to insert in perm upload table
* `d76a643` fix(reuser): remove warnings and errors with testcases for reuse
* `1d6ff8e` fix(unifiedreport): Global license appears twice in Main license section
* `9269a36` fix(uploadSrvPage): Added feature so that users can update the name of upload manually
* `5b32c69` fix(phptestcase): Remove PHP 5.5 test case
* `8c3a710` fix(search.php): max records per page updated and documentation added
* `45f0253` fix(search.php): Fix the algorithm for total number of files matching the search criteria
* `6a1f712` fix(search.php): Fix the number of files matching the search criteria
* `9b9c214` fix(copyright): read only users should be able to read copyrights
* `3bf9fff` fix(perm): reading license information and browsing should be allowed with annonymous user
* `616d635` fix(delagent): change query which deletes all files with same pfile
* `5bcaa71` fix(browse): ajax browse required login
* `ca7ac1a` fix(obligations): remove extra else cases and fix warnings
* `000fdb3` fix(browseView): change style of checkbox button whole folder | Marked upload change job title as well as upload name if the multi readmeOss or SPDX2 scheduled
* `49d1c37` fix(cp2foss): fix cp2foss -X parameter usage

Refactorings, Documentation

* `f5aa2cf` refactor(common-ui): fix spelling mistake
* `24022a5` docs(vagrant): add vagrant setup documentation

FOSSology 3.2 Release

By Announcements

On February 7th, the FOSSology project has released version 3.2. This release information includes changes for release candidate 1 of this release.

Key features in FOSSology 3.2 are:

  • Import of SDPX files and showing license result along with browse UI of the upload files and folders
  • Word processor document output (for e.g. LibreOffice, OpenOffice) document summarizing analysis information
  • Management of obligations a.k.d. license to-dos for licenses
  • Brought the package builder infrastructure to work again

After the second release candidate of 3.2, the majority of contributions are therefore in the correction ares (see “fix”) and the cleanup of the files and infrastructure (see “chore”). Some statistics:

  • What happened since the release candidate for 3.2? The community has merged about 32 pull requests between 3.2 release candidate 1 and this release.
  • From release 3.1, a total number of 128 pull requests merged: 56 feature pull requests, 52 pull requests providing corrections, and 20 pull requests improving infrastructure, documentation and testing.


Looking into the git commit history shows you all the users who have contributed to this release since 3.1, the git user names:

alpianon, Anupam, bill-auger, Bruno Cornec, Daniel Landau, Daniele Fognini, Dmitry Marakasov, Marion Deveaud, Max Wittig, Maximilian Huber, Michael, Shaheem, Steffen Weber, Tim Murphy,

Release 3.2

Smaller Features
  • 99254a5 feat(unifiedreport): update phpword from v0.12.0 to v0.13.
  • 2aab236 feat(copyright-testcases): test for getallcopyrightentries for report
  • 7dd9ac9 feat(unifiedReport): add user findings of copyright and ecc from files with non-agent finding
  • f0f484f feat(treeView): add remove option for deletion of applied irrelevant decisions through file tree edit
  • ce78359 feat(schema): add new combined indexes to database tables copyright, author, ecc, clearing_decision, license_file, uploadtree_a
  • edaa1ad feat(unifiedreport): add upload history url to title table add groupname next to username correct warnings in obligation
  • 3d0c016 feat(report): report assessment summary checkbox selection


  • 62580c8 fix(delagent): Delete-Folder without deleting duplicate upload/s in other folders
  • 85ae4ba fix(lib): container.php access fix from cache
  • 1a7fcde fix(spdx): make SPDX-rdf and SPDX-tv templates consistend
  • 19a4919 fix(unifiedreport): rearrange common and additional obligation text for word report
  • 4deb48c fix(deploy): Fix TimeZone computation when links are used
  • 72ce275 fix(common-agents): add check for empty array and false
  • 85ae4ba fix(lib): container.php access fix from cache
  • 33d5c2b fix(ui): checkbox param call more adaptable with php 5.4
  • c48cc64 fix(www): change var name to not be used in RegisterMenus
  • dee3aa2 fix(bulk): separate td for each image and add width for select
  • 283352a fix(lib): decision for future occurrence of files
  • 439c496 fix(treeView): removed license through edit, still exists
  • 56b47ea fix(candidateLicense): add a scrollbar to list of files in popup if exceeds 200px
  • b9d595f fix(obligation): select obligation type and classification by default
  • a9003b1 fix(dep5): add missing endif for deb5 document
  • a9606e9 fix(copyright): fix edit and undo of copyright and ecc
  • 90fd1d8 refactor(delagent) use template
  • 9b00ca2 Revert “chore(changelog): update to commitlint”
Improvements on Infrastructure, Packaging and Testing
  • 402ae25 fix(pb): general correction to enable rpm-based packages
  • 9995f56 fix(rpm): Fix VERSION delivery under /etc/fossology
  • e431594 fix(rpm): Copy the correct VERSION file in /etc/fossology for spec
  • 3b73c0f fix(pb): smaller corrections to enable build on master
  • 15e8645 chore(make): Remove declaration of COMPOSER_PHAR variable
  • 33431fa chore(pb): corrections on the project builder rpm build
  • bf814ff chore(pb): Provides a working build infrastructure

Release Candidate 1 for 3.2

  • b389a4c feat(report): new word report
  • 05a3061 feat(reportImport): some cleanup and minor improvements
  • cb24345 feat(reportImport): handle `orLaterOperator` correctly
  • 025c4fe feat(reportImport): add imported coyprights as decisions
  • 5fdb4ce feat(reportImport): add corresponding debain definitions
  • 09b90a2 feat(reportImport): minor changes to satisfy older PHP versions
  • 74f6241 feat(reportImport): parse also xml files
  • 0fdba11 feat(spdx2): also export ninka and import data
  • 0d46873 feat(reportImport): add option to create real licenses
  • 3f95181 feat(reportImport): handle all arguments from UI
  • fa56a96 feat(spdx2Import): splitup to support other formats
  • 0bc8788 feat(spdx2Import): refactoring and splitup of files
  • 3d469b2 feat(spdx2Import): menu entry at “Upload::…”
  • bd20cc7 feat(spdx2Import): start to make conclusions optional
  • 26c4187 feat(spdx2Import): compare only by sha1
  • 9e68781 feat(spdx2Import): conclusions
  • 26bff73 feat(spdx2Import): also import copyright statements
  • b7bd5b6 feat(spdx2Import): inital commit
  • effb5a2 feat(candidate): add delete feature to candidate licenses
  • 3ee22e9 feat(copyright): allow to have multiple copyright decisions
  • 7bc2e43 feat(treeView): add operation to make multiple files irrelevant
  • 4716837 feat(backup): add s3 backup and restore
  • b69a771 feat(spdx2): add name field to extracted license info
  • 6cb3192 feat(copyright): also show deactivated copyrights in the UI
  • eb6f19e feat(spdx2): bump output version from 2.0 to 2.1
  • 27225f4 feat(spdx2): strip invalid characters from non-spdx-compatible licenses
  • fb99c54 feat(docker-compose): increase apache verbosity
  • 82356c2 feat(copyright): JSON output
  • 956855f feat(monk): JSON output
  • 2a397af feat(nomos): JSON output
  • 5439978 feat(obligations): extend datamodel and obligation management
  • e9a1481 feat(copyright): split tables, separate tables for copyright and email,author,url
  • 97fe4c4 feat(dashboard): add PHP info table
  • 6fa1479 feat(delete): allow deletion of multiple uploads
  • d88a645 feat(delete): add select2 to folder select
  • c946064 feat(organize): allow searching for folders to copy/move to
  • d5871d7 feat(search): show number of search-results
  • 5576025 feat(install): provide easy install script
  • 268b689 feat(reuse): search all folders
  • e59ee82 feat(clearing): load clearing history in a model on click
  • 919503c feat(monk): make use of rf_active to detect monk scan for licenses
  • 5523b77 feat(clearing): Add dialog box for text and comment feilds in single file clearing view
  • dfcc733 feat(Obligation): add first implementation of obligations and risks management
  • d8b291e feat(clearingView): add action column in the leftmost position
  • cb582fa feat(advice-license): add full text search to advice license
  • d19cb3b feat(licenseList): add clearing decisions as part of license list generation and export in csv
  • 64e5ffa feat(copyright): split copyright histogram to seperate copyrights hist and email,author,url hist
  • 21c2787 feat(GUI): yellow flag for files with decision type “To Be Determined”
  • a77cba4 feat(select-searchbar): add select2 searchbar
  • f5e65fb fix(reportImport): fix bug in reportImport, refactor file matching
  • 29d5a7a fix(delagent): Delete-Folder without deleting duplicate upload/s in other folders
  • c1f4cdb fix(install): update packages deps for latest debian and ubuntu
  • 55ce2bb fix(debian9): add compatibility with debian9
  • e7603a5 fix(ui): own css file shoult be loaded last
  • c8af79d fix(docker): .git should not be excluded via dockerignore
  • 773c459 fix(obligations): select only single value for ob_classification and ob_type
  • 8115de6 fix(obligations): rename obligation to license map table
  • 4eda85d fix(spdx): adhere file naming convention
  • 8ba2d52 fix(travis): do not build multiple times
  • 81d3590 fix(licenses): remove special chars from GPL-1.0, CPAL-1.0 and MPL-2.0
  • c49d4c0 fix(docker-compose): do not build twice
  • 4616608 fix(www): Undefined index in admin-license-file.php
  • 8a66754 fix(obligations): correct php syntax using phpcs
  • 40775c5 fix(licenseref): changing shortname of 3DFX license to ‘Glide’
  • 9570e7f fix(nomos): fix posix incomparible regular expressions
  • 5d01085 fix(license): remove junk characters from LGPL-2.1 license text
  • 4e222c8 fix(debian9): fix debian linker error
  • 070ee8a fix(jquery): remove old version of jquery from copyright-hist
  • a1b818a fix(docker): use debian 8.8 for images
  • ecfefea fix(delagent): remove unused variables
  • 15f748a fix(obligations): reintegrate lost changes
  • 0cf4c7d fix(folder-deletion): don’t delete duplicate files in other folder …
  • 3105198 fix(licenseView): display clearing history for all clearings done on file level
  • e4e6cda fix(delagent): delete child folder by parent id
  • cbe65df fix(license-edit): fix regression with broken license edit list
  • 6607b13 fix(resolveConflicts): resolve conflicts after merge from master
  • 1985be3 fix(licenseExport): change the filename format of export license
  • 5c5cb4f fix(bulk-scan): don’t schedule bulk scan, if no license/ref-text
  • 35d12a5 feat(nomos): add new license RSA-Cryptoki
  • 0b8e58b fix(nomos): issue #754 (regex error)
  • 14f6062 fix(libfoss): make agent processed items counting atomic
  • 056a9a8 fix(spdx) typo ‘spxd2’ in document templates
  • 9cdf1d6 refactor(reportImport): spdx2Import -> reportImport
Improvements on Infrastructure, Packaging and Testing
  • ca77960 chore(changelog): update to commitlint
  • fcb8357 chore(changelog): removed changelog
  • e268d89 chore(gitignore): add more entries to the blacklist
  • 8dfcee6 chore(travis): fix changelog lint
  • 833d4ce chore(travis): enforce changelog
  • 40495f7 chore(composer): composer enhancements
  • c77c7ad chore(copyright): Fetch json.hpp on the fly
  • c655c84 chore(pb): vagrant file and spec file for pb run for centos7
  • ae26006 style(GUI): License Comment column needs line breaks
  • f62a4ec chore(editorconfig): change indent_style and size
  • ed30641 chore(travis): Add PHP syntax checking to Travis
  • 2a4b8d3 chore(jquery): update jQuery to 3.2.0 and jQuery UI to 1.12.1
  • acb62cc chore(editorconfig): add editorconfig to project

How to Install 3.2

Please refer to the github release page for the files available:

Unfortunately, the package building infrastructure is moving currently and we do not seem to be stable on the package generation right now.

Fossology uses PHP and Postgresql. Depending on your systems capabilities, you might want to adjust PHP memory settings and Postgresql deployment settings. Please have a look at:

How to Upgrade to 3.2 from 2.5/2.6

Please upgrade from 2.5/2.6 to 3.0 and then try to update to 3.2: Successful migration from 2.5 / 2.6 was one of the topics we have put a lot of care for when looking at 3.0. But from then on, no issue with migrations of previous versions were reported. From a source point of view, we have no doubts that it works.

Unfortunately, the package building infrastructure is moving currently. The works on the release were independent from the moving of the server and thus the release is ready, but the package building server is not. News regarding the new package build infrastructure will be on the mailing list.

Known Issues

As is to be expected, with any release, there are known bugs that users may run into with this release. The ones we know about at this point (and some of the workarounds), are documented here so you don’t need to spend time reporting these bugs again.

An overview about current bugs can be seen at:

As a general issue, the package building infrastructure is not present at the current time. Therefore, installation from the following methods:

  • Provided Debian and Ubuntu packages:
  • Using a vagrant script (such as the one provided in the project root structure)
  • Using the docker-based deployment, see the project [Readme]( file
  • Install from source:
 New Install
  • We are transitioning to a new build system, so prebuilt images are still being created.
  • Did we mention that PHP and Postgresql likely requires adjustments? Please have a look at

None known at this time


Some licenses have been added to Nomos, as such, old scanner findings could be updated.

User Interface

Developers use Firefox and Chrome, sometimes Safari. Maybe, with other browsers, there could be UI issues.

More information

Participate in FOSSology

If you are a developer and want to submit code, start by discussing what you want to do on our developer mailing list Developer documentation can be found at

Reporting bugs

Your comments, bug reports, patches and suggestions will help fix bugs and improve the quality of future releases. Please report bugs using the issue tracker of the project:

More about FOSSology

You can find out more about FOSSology on the and

To sign up for future FOSSology release announcements, please subscribe to FOSSology’s general list at:

FOSSology Release Candidate 2 for 3.1

By Announcements

As some may have noticed on github: there is the release 3.1rc2 – release candidate 2.

This rises a couple of questions:

  • Where was release candidate 1 actually?
    Please find 3.1rc1 here:
  • what is new compared to release 3.0?
    A lot: the project has merged more than 50 pull request since then, check the release notes, among the larger features:

  • Do we have packages at the usual links?
    no. (I know, really sorry)(yes, projects works on it)
  • How can we test then?
    There are three main ways (see note for mac users below):
  1. Docker: just install docker and use
    ‘docker run -p 8081:80 fossology/fossology’
  2. Vagrant: just install vagrant (and VirtualBox) and use
    ‘vagrant up’ from the fossology project root folder
  3. use the source code install – existing documentation works fine, for example:
    just make sure composer(=php package manager) works on your machine
  • I have an older version, how much backwards compatibility do we have?
    We have tested the 3.0 version installing on instances of 2.5. We have installed 3.1rcX several times on various older instances of 2.6.2 and 3.0. Migration scripts on the schema are there. Please consider backup in any case.
  • What happens now?
    Same as with the other release, system testing:
  • How can I contribute?
  •  I have a Mac, can I use fossology too?
    Yes, you could use docker use this:
  2.  Then start the docker quickstart terminal and execute the command mentioned above.
  3.  Please do not use localhost, but the IP address that is pointed out in the terminal

Also, you could install VirtualBox and Vagrant and then just

  1.    download the source code
  2.    in a terminal change into the root directory of the project
  3.    execute ‘vagrant up’
  • I have Windows, can I do that too?
    presumably yes, would be good if someone tries and returns feedback.

This is it. Once we have news on the package side, let’s post them.

FOSSology Release 3.0

By Announcements

This release has significant new functional improvements over prior releases.

  • The workflow has been better integrated with command line interfaces.   You’re now able to do uploads and scans from the command line, right from your scripts.   In addition, you can run individual license scanning agents from the command line, as well as scheduling activities and integrating them into automated workflows.
  • Regular expressions have been added to help with searching for export control and customs information for your software
  • Exporting of the Software Bill of Materials via SPDX 2.0 generation to facilitate communication in the supply chain.

For more information on FOSSology 3.0,  please see the release notes at: