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FOSSology 3.3 Release

By April 17, 2018May 15th, 2018No Comments

New Features in FOSSology 3.3

This release was tagged rather quickly after the release 3.2 – comparing it to the time between 3.1 and 3.2. It basically contains improvements in the scanning and the handling of acknowledgements. Further it contains important corrections with the delagent. All users of 3.2 should update to the 3.3 release.

More information can be found here:


Looking into the git commit history shows you all the users who have contributed to this release since 3.2, the git user names:

alpianon, amanjain97, Anupam, ChristophNiehoff, deveaud-m, Gaurav, Maximilian, rlintu, Shaheem


* `4f48227` feat(ui): Color mapping for risk level in the ui.
* `12f5546` feat(nomos): extend unclassified license detection
* `9904b2c` feat(license): add acknowledgements to license clearing include acknowledgements in unified report include acknowledgements in readmeoss add acknowledgement tests
* `05dbf91` feat(licenses): add license text to fossology database from SPDX license text added for Abstyles, Adobe-2006, Adobe-Glyph, Afmparse, AMPAS, APAFML, bzip2-1.0.5, bzip2-1.0.6, CrystalStacker, curl, gnuplot, Intel-ACPI, MIT-CMU, SCEA, TCL, TMate rename license Intel-acpi to Intel-ACPI closes #1052
* `4299a5f` feat(obligation): update csv licesnse changes in the obligation table
* `be6434e` feat(licenses): missing INFILE added, IBM-reciprocal added


* `e478bbf` fix(reuser): copy license decision in reuse
* `3d0c4b8` fix(schema): check for inherits when drop indexes
* `7bc1c82` fix(copyright): Fix copyright_decision table
* `d7cd66c` fix(upload-file): get distinct of groupid to insert in perm upload table
* `d76a643` fix(reuser): remove warnings and errors with testcases for reuse
* `1d6ff8e` fix(unifiedreport): Global license appears twice in Main license section
* `9269a36` fix(uploadSrvPage): Added feature so that users can update the name of upload manually
* `5b32c69` fix(phptestcase): Remove PHP 5.5 test case
* `8c3a710` fix(search.php): max records per page updated and documentation added
* `45f0253` fix(search.php): Fix the algorithm for total number of files matching the search criteria
* `6a1f712` fix(search.php): Fix the number of files matching the search criteria
* `9b9c214` fix(copyright): read only users should be able to read copyrights
* `3bf9fff` fix(perm): reading license information and browsing should be allowed with annonymous user
* `616d635` fix(delagent): change query which deletes all files with same pfile
* `5bcaa71` fix(browse): ajax browse required login
* `ca7ac1a` fix(obligations): remove extra else cases and fix warnings
* `000fdb3` fix(browseView): change style of checkbox button whole folder | Marked upload change job title as well as upload name if the multi readmeOss or SPDX2 scheduled
* `49d1c37` fix(cp2foss): fix cp2foss -X parameter usage

Refactorings, Documentation

* `f5aa2cf` refactor(common-ui): fix spelling mistake
* `24022a5` docs(vagrant): add vagrant setup documentation