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Basic Training

On some of the Linux Foundation Events, a one day FOSSology hands-on session is offered. This hands-on session usually runs for an entire day and provides attendees the opportunity to try out FOSSology with their own computers. FOSSology in an expert tool for license compliance, and as such, many of the options and special features require some understanding about license compliance.


Some packages have difficult licensing situations, difficult to assess and difficult to find. These cases are the motivation for FOSSology, building an application which does not only allow for scanning files, but also review scan findings. The first part explains motivating examples.

Module A: Motivation


After the motivation, a brief introduction of FOSSology is provided, what it does and how it works.

Module B: Introduction


The main part of the trainings is about working on FOSSology and trying out features right at the own computer. The slides offer a step, by step approach or screenshots that explain the features of FOSSology.

Module C: Features