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FOSSology Release Candidate 2 for 3.1

By May 24, 2016September 13th, 2017No Comments

As some may have noticed on github: there is the release 3.1rc2 – release candidate 2.

This rises a couple of questions:

  • Where was release candidate 1 actually?
    Please find 3.1rc1 here:
  • what is new compared to release 3.0?
    A lot: the project has merged more than 50 pull request since then, check the release notes, among the larger features:

  • Do we have packages at the usual links?
    no. (I know, really sorry)(yes, projects works on it)
  • How can we test then?
    There are three main ways (see note for mac users below):
  1. Docker: just install docker and use
    ‘docker run -p 8081:80 fossology/fossology’
  2. Vagrant: just install vagrant (and VirtualBox) and use
    ‘vagrant up’ from the fossology project root folder
  3. use the source code install – existing documentation works fine, for example:
    just make sure composer(=php package manager) works on your machine
  • I have an older version, how much backwards compatibility do we have?
    We have tested the 3.0 version installing on instances of 2.5. We have installed 3.1rcX several times on various older instances of 2.6.2 and 3.0. Migration scripts on the schema are there. Please consider backup in any case.
  • What happens now?
    Same as with the other release, system testing:
  • How can I contribute?
  •  I have a Mac, can I use fossology too?
    Yes, you could use docker use this:
  2.  Then start the docker quickstart terminal and execute the command mentioned above.
  3.  Please do not use localhost, but the IP address that is pointed out in the terminal

Also, you could install VirtualBox and Vagrant and then just

  1.    download the source code
  2.    in a terminal change into the root directory of the project
  3.    execute ‘vagrant up’
  • I have Windows, can I do that too?
    presumably yes, would be good if someone tries and returns feedback.

This is it. Once we have news on the package side, let’s post them.