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Support FOSSology

There are many ways to contribute to the FOSSology project.

  • Coding - we are always looking for developers interested in contributing anything from small bug fixes to new features.
  • Ideas - have a new idea for FOSSology? We would like to hear it. Open an issue on Github!
  • Documentation - the documentation always has room for improvement. Is there something unclear or missing from the docs, you can fix it. As for an account for the wiki by contacting an organising team member
  • Testing - everybody's environment is slightly different, and it is a foregone conclusion that we have overlooked something important in yours. Let us know - use the fossology-devel mailing list or open an issue on Github.
  • Bug reports - the backbone of software quality - if you come across something that's broken, precarious, or just doesn't seem right, the first step is filing a bug report. The more specific and detailed the report, the easier and faster it will be to fix.
  • Public Speaking - Are you a FOSSology user and feel comfortable speaking?
  • Adverstise your organisation - as FOSSology user, help to spread the word and improve the popularity of FOSSology. If your organisation can be put among the list of users, please contact one of the organising team members
  • Fill in the blank - What do we need that we don't know about?

Getting started

Join the conversation. Write to us at Become part of the FOSSology team.