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07:15 pm FOSSology Support #6045 (Resolved): Move fluffy cluster off of private net
Sorry I forgot to update this in the Redmine issue too.
As Bob quoted,
fluffy.ostt --> enobaria.fc.hp.com


04:46 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Testing-vm_machine_list (#9)
Update list of package test systems


04:36 pm FOSSology Feature #2127: Perform automated package install testing
Adding some notes about what needs to be done to complete this backlog item:
The FOSSology continu...


11:26 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Debian_Install_2_1 (#2)
11:25 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Debian_Install_2_1 (#1)
11:20 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Ubuntu_Install_2_1 (#1)
11:05 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Installing_FOSSology_with_RPM's_2_1 (#2)


04:00 pm FOSSology Bug #3423 (Closed): improvement on create_test_database.php and cleanup_test_databases.php
Closing this since Larry & I resolved our concern about missing database structure, but we determined that it is not ...
03:57 pm FOSSology Feature #2127: Perform automated package install testing
This is not a 2.1.0 release target. Manual package testing is being done for 2.1.
Removing target version as I do...
03:55 pm FOSSology Bug #3573 (Resolved): please resolve postgres version dependencies in debian/ubuntu packages.
This has been resolved as of svn 6237.
Changed the postgres package dependencies to be very liberal, i.e.:

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