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04:59 am FOSSology Enhancement #6933 (In Progress): Add package migration testing into CI system
As we discussed in our team meeting, we will add migration testing into our CI system, I have following plans to do i...
04:51 am FOSSology Bug #6921 (New): fossology 2.5.0: errors on Fedora 19
This is an error in the spec file, will fix it in this release.


02:16 pm FOSSology Bug #6909 (New): Continuous Integration Source and Package install testing failure
List the Source and Package install testing failure:
*1.* Err wheezy Release.gpg
Could n...


02:54 am FOSSology Wiki edit: Installing_FOSSology_with_RPM's_2_5 (#4)
02:53 am FOSSology Wiki edit: Installing_FOSSology_with_RPM's_2_5 (#3)
02:52 am FOSSology Wiki edit: Installing_FOSSology_with_RPM's_2_4 (#5)


12:41 am FOSSology FOSSology: RE: Upgrade from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 on CentOS 6.5 64bit - almost all the fossology files a...
The root cause is the upgrade process call the cleanup script.The problem have been fixed in 2.5, but I didn't realiz...


06:24 am FOSSology Bug #6855 (Closed): license_ref table is null
Verified in git commit 559eac, closed


05:55 am FOSSology Bug #5601 (New): The Unit/Fucntional test is unstable
05:54 am FOSSology Bug #6765 (Resolved): Failure for Fossology_Unit_Tests
After cleanup the test database and kill all running scheduler, the Unit/Functional tests fixed, but the Unit/Functio...

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