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10:09 am FOSSology Enhancement #345: View File Information - scheduling package agent
will add one link to schedule the unscheduled agents.


03:34 am FOSSology Bug #6021: nomos crash
Bob Gobeille wrote:
> This problem (memory corruption) appears to be in regcomp(). With the given test file, doing ...


08:55 am FOSSology Bug #6687 (Resolved): FaCE license name case missmatch
fixed and updated tests in git bc40fb
08:54 am FOSSology Bug #6645 (In Progress): cp2foss path
fixed in git c8ec27.
will add tests soon.
08:42 am FOSSology Bug #6375: nomos: LGPL 2.1 header not recognized properly
this issue is critical, however change nomos to fix this issue is not a good idea, we have to find another solution, ...
08:22 am FOSSology Bug #6927 (In Progress): Bucket agent not scanning all files
08:17 am FOSSology Bug #6627: nomos missing unidentified license
due to the way nomos works, I have no solution for this issue.
any suggestions?
02:52 am FOSSology Feature #5427: standalone copyright agent
standalone copyright agent will be very useful, so improve the priority.
02:42 am FOSSology Bug #6921 (Feedback): fossology 2.5.0: errors on Fedora 19
yes, that is a problem.
I have a question, why have to delete user and group of fossy when upgrading?


07:35 am FOSSology Bug #6921: fossology 2.5.0: errors on Fedora 19
our package install testing works well. it is strange.

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