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09:19 am FOSSology Bug #7467: license browser is inconsistent with other agents
Johannes Najjar wrote:
> Hi Larry,
> the threshold of .66 was a first guess, I believe based on what we found i...
08:52 am FOSSology Documentation #7461 (Feedback): fo_copyright_list wiki page is out of date
for the test doc and test into CI, ...
08:46 am FOSSology Support #6399 (Feedback): performance regression tests and stress tests
I have not received mails on performance regression tests and stress tests days, how about you?
08:43 am FOSSology Bug #7401: monk should support running from the command line
one fix in e0da49b162768f5f129e39d4535a79509e6ba246
one question: when no license found on a file from the schedul...
08:34 am FOSSology Bug #6921 (Feedback): fossology 2.5.0: errors on Fedora 19
how to verify this issue? wait for package install testing, then I can take a look at if there are any errors when in...
08:30 am FOSSology Bug #7425 (Closed): incorrect behavior on license browser
verified with d3aa47adac178db557a2496ab9edf6d28cde4f11, works well, closing.
08:23 am FOSSology Bug #7401 (Feedback): monk should support running from the command line
with your commit,
./monk monk.c
got nothing, it seems that when no license found, monk will call onNoMatch() rig...
08:14 am FOSSology Wiki edit: Fo_copyright_list (#2)
07:58 am FOSSology Enhancement #6057 (Feedback): Implement new path filters on List Files for Bucket and List Files ...
am I misunderstanding?
-X -x are not what you want?
-X is for excluding file/directory name for one upload, do no...
07:48 am FOSSology Bug #7221 (Resolved): get files with/without copyright and with/without specific copyright
for the comment 4, fixed in git 2bab00548cc5c7205d536c235ae18a3f1960e9d6

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