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04:34 pm FOSSology Bug #7905 (New): UI timezone not set?
I've searched the code and do not see where the timezone is set.
Valerie reported getting warnings because it isn'...
04:16 pm FOSSology Bug #7899: Login page - detection of (un)secure connection
Since this is a simple fix, let's try to get it in 2.6.2


09:50 pm FOSSology Bug #7341: wget_agent redirects STDERR to /dev/null and so user doesn't see errors
A related support problem just came in. The user ran out of disk space but got this unhelpful error message:
03:05 pm FOSSology Bug #7893: browse error - SolidDbManager Failed php strict standards
SolidDbManager Failed php strict standards.
02:59 pm FOSSology Bug #7863 (Closed): nomos fails to identify BSD-3-Clause
Test file is BSD/net-snmp-license.txt
Tested on 6b23058


09:40 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Vagrant (#2)
09:39 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Vagrant (#1)
09:38 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Install_2_6 (#2)
add vagrant


08:49 pm FOSSology Bug #7869 (Rejected): license browser - inconsistent
I saw this behavior on a 2.6.1 system but can not reproduce it on 2.6.2.
Perhaps something else was going on.


11:56 pm FOSSology New Master Repository
The master FOSSology repository has been moved from sourceforge to github:

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