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03:39 pm FOSSology FOSSology: RE: Could not connect to FOSSology database
Perhaps postgres is not configured correctly. See pg_hba.conf. On my debian system this is located at /etc/postgres...


03:56 pm FOSSology FOSSology: RE: "The File's Gold file is not available in the repository"
Sorry. I thought I answered this a week ago but must not have hit submit. The Gold file is the original file you up...


05:27 pm FOSSology Issue tracker off - use GitHub
Please use GitHub for reporting all new issues. All the old issues hav...


06:00 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Github_attachments_ (#1)
05:58 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Wiki (#78)
Add place to put github attachments


02:20 am FOSSology Issue tracker
I've turned on the issue tracker so we can complete the migration to github. Please DO NOT FILE NEW ISSUES. Use the...


06:24 pm FOSSology 2.6.2 Released
January 15, 2015
2.6.2-RC1 has turned into the 2.6.2 general release (without changes)
06:21 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Installing_FOSSology_with_RPM's_2_6 (#4)
2.6.2 general release
06:20 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Ubuntu_Install_2_6 (#5)
2.6.2 general release
06:18 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Debian_Install_2_6 (#4)
update from rc1 to final 2.6.2

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