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12:40 am FOSSology FOSSology: RE: Incorrect Total number of files in Versino 2.5.0
This sounds like this issue:


05:48 pm FOSSology Bug #8097 (Rejected): Dashboard displays Disk Space incorrectly
This was fixed on Apr 30, 2014 in commit 74c45a0e and released in 2.6.1
Thank you for filing this but please use g...


08:39 pm FOSSology Bug #8037 (Closed): cp2foss Usage: displays -e option that doesn't exist.
closed by code inspection and travis passing
08:11 pm FOSSology Support #8055 (New): user configurable system user and group
Twice in the past two weeks I've fielded support issues where companies cannot use the system name "fossy" or group "...
07:52 pm FOSSology Support #8049 (New): incomplete scheduler error message
In the scheduler database.c check_tables(), the function ends with:
@ if(!passed)
log_printf("FATAL %s.%...
05:28 pm FOSSology Bug #8031 (Closed): Nightly build does not include AMD
It would be helpful if you would record why it hung. But I'm closing anyway.
05:07 pm FOSSology FOSSology: RE: fossology 2.6.1 doesn't display code
I'm not familiar with RHEL installs. I'll ping Vincent on fossology-devel. Vincent builds all our packages.
An i...
04:59 pm FOSSology Bug #8037: cp2foss Usage: displays -e option that doesn't exist.
The email option would have been removed because the scheduler will automatically send out the completion email based...


09:42 pm FOSSology Bug #8043: item numbesr are inaccurate on some agents
There is not enough information recorded in this issue. The numbers should reflect the number of files scanned by th...
09:38 pm FOSSology Bug #8025 (Closed): Concluded license not working
briefly tested - closing

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