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09:04 pm FOSSology Bug #6645 (Closed): cp2foss path
Tested. Closing.
09:02 pm FOSSology Bug #3987 (Closed): when running cp2foss, can not specify a regular expression for the filename l...
Let's just leave it as is. It's workable.
04:26 pm FOSSology Enhancement #7137 (In Progress): nomos new feature to recursively scan a directory
Code review of nomos.c shows:
line 1022:
I think it is easier to report and more helpful to the user if when the ...
03:31 pm FOSSology FOSSology: RE: Failed to install Fossology 2.5 in Ubuntu 12.04 becuase of Couldn't create home di...
I'll ping Vincent. He must have not seen your post.


09:25 pm FOSSology Support #7317 (New): completely remove bsam
Clean up db and source tree by completely removing bsam module and database tables. A warning about this was sent ou...
05:21 pm FOSSology Bug #7311 (New): nomos - false positive
attached image file says LGPL in 2.5.0. It should be No License Found.
There is "lgpl" in the text representation...


10:14 pm FOSSology Enhancement #5829 (Resolved): bucket agent not using uploadtree_x table
More specific errors caused by this can be found in #7131.
Fixed in bb46c56 (fixed sql syntax caused by adding spe...
10:10 pm FOSSology Bug #7131 (Rejected): Buckets - sql syntax error from #5829
Since this is because of #5829, I'm rejecting this issue. It will be fixe in #5829
08:12 pm FOSSology Bug #7287 (Rejected): bucket agent is failing
I think this is a duplicate of #7131. Rejecting.
07:35 pm FOSSology Documentation #7269 (Closed): Download page on Sourceforge has incorrect info about latest version
Changing from rejected to closed because this was a real issue with sourceforge.

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