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02:48 pm FOSSology Enhancement #7605 (New): Add commit to performance graph label
The current regression tests do not label the points with the last commit included in the build being tested. This w...


07:51 pm FOSSology Bug #7593: License Browser - incomplete error message
I went to reproduce this error. Just having a missing monk_ars isn't enough to cause this error due to #7527. Since...
07:43 pm FOSSology Bug #7593: License Browser - incomplete error message
another thing wrong with the error message is that it doesn't show the variable substitution. To make sense of the e...
07:31 pm FOSSology Bug #7593 (New): License Browser - incomplete error message
Testing License Browser, forcing an error by removing monk_ars I get the following error message. The problem isn't ...
06:54 pm FOSSology Bug #7587 (Resolved): scheduler dies when initializing agent servers
Vincent can you look at The scheduler starts and then dies right away. I saw you successful...
04:19 pm FOSSology Bug #7581 (Rejected): scheduler crash with no [HOSTS] localhost
On fossologyitg Vincent discovered that commenting out the localhost declaration under [HOSTS] causes the scheduler t...
04:07 pm FOSSology Support #7515 (Closed): nomos - 3-4x slower after monk merge
We have been discussing this on fossology-devel. There are possibly other speed improvements we can make. But I'm c...
03:58 pm FOSSology Bug #7563 (Closed): copyright in 'About FOSSology page'
03:15 pm FOSSology Enhancement #7575: Remove "composer" as dependency for runtime
Is this a quick fix we can get in 2.6?
Or are there real runtime install dependencies on composer?
03:08 pm FOSSology FOSSology: RE: FOSSology on SLES
We would welcome a SLES maintainer/contributor.

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