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05:39 pm FOSSology Bug #6687 (Closed): FaCE license name case missmatch
Tested. Closing.
04:51 pm FOSSology Feature #6945 (New): Add "restart" to Show Jobs
Currently Show Jobs allows you to Cancel and Pause. We should add restart which (unlike the old restart) will queue ...
04:12 pm FOSSology Bug #6939 (New): delagent clogging scheduler queue
Having delagent run in exclusive mode introduces a serious productivity problem. Here is an example I just ran into:...


11:11 pm FOSSology Bug #6021: nomos crash
This problem (memory corruption) appears to be in regcomp(). With the given test file, doing a regcomp() on %STR% "...
02:54 pm FOSSology Bug #6375: nomos: LGPL 2.1 header not recognized properly
I created a new Target Version called "New License Scanner". I'd like to use this to keep track of features and bugs...


05:44 pm FOSSology Bug #6927 (In Progress): Bucket agent not scanning all files
Test case:
scan a file by bucket agent_pk X, nomosagent_pk Y
Then update the nomos agent and rescan buckets.
The n...


04:39 pm FOSSology 2.5.0 now available
On April 9, 2014 we released 2.5.0.
See release notes at [[Release_Notes#250-Released-April-9-2014]]
04:36 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Release_Notes (#67)
add 2.5.0 release
04:22 pm FOSSology Wiki edit: Retro25_ (#3)
remove tentative survey questions and note about redmine_polls. We need to discuss this on fossology-devel, not in t...
03:42 pm FOSSology Support #6915 (New): upgrade redmine
we are currently running redmine 1.2.1. It's three years old and many rev's back from the current 2.5.1. We should ...

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