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11:55 pm FOSSology Bug #6021: nomos crash
Please check with Bob G regarding access to the upload. It is no longer available in the OSRB approval process. We ...


08:30 pm FOSSology Bug #6345: Nomos misses detecting Apache 2.0 license claim
Sorry, forgot the version: 2.4.0-rc1 (code revision 7076)
08:28 pm FOSSology Bug #6345 (Closed): Nomos misses detecting Apache 2.0 license claim
The attached text file detects as only "GPL" and misses the Apache 2.0 claim. This will cause significant disruption...


06:35 am FOSSology Bug #5691: nomos - LGPL miss
I don't know that I can spend a bunch of time on this right now. Does it really need me? Bob, I think you have a be...


02:42 pm FOSSology Bug #5691: nomos - LGPL miss
Hi Larry, you asked for "help to verify". My suggestion is to go through each detected license and see if that licen...


06:55 pm FOSSology Bug #5949 (Rejected): Multiple false positive licenses found when analyzing openjdk Debian copyri...
Many false positives are found when analyzing the Debian copyright file for openjdk-7-jre-headless. A public link to...


03:56 am FOSSology Bug #5583 (Closed): LGPL is detecting as both LGPL and GPL
Text from the current license statements of the "zeromq" package are detecting as both "LGPL-3.0+" and "GPL-3.0+", bu...


02:25 pm FOSSology Bug #5229: Microsoft Office Extensible File License detects as Ms-PL
Hi Larry, Google is your best help in locating the Microsoft Office Extensible File License. Since the license is *n...


06:28 pm FOSSology Bug #5463 (Closed): BSD-3-clause text detects as BSD-2-clause
The text of the attached file is a bsd-3-clause license. Current Nomos detects this as bsd-2-clause.
06:26 pm FOSSology Bug #5457 (Closed): Nomos misdetection: detection inc...
The text of this web page:
...includes "MIT" in the detected licens...

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