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The FOSSology project maintains several mailing lists to communicate project status and information:

List Name Purpose Subscribe List Archive
fossology General discussion, user questions and comments. info archive archive2 search
fossology-devel Developer and hacking discussions. info archive search
fossology-commits Automated commit info/diff messages from subversion for project developers. Don't join this unless you want to see EVERY commit message. info archive
fossology-sysadmin Automated messages for sysadmins of the fossology project itself. If you are a sysadmin wanting to discuss the admin of YOUR system, use the general fossology mailing list. This list is primarily for maintenance and monitoring purposes. info archive (private)

Generally only the fossology list will be of much interest to non developers;


The FOSSology Project also has a public IRC discussion channel on OFTC.

Port 6667
Channel #fossology

Anyone can join the channel and chat about FOSSology, ask questions, get help, and get more information. There are usually several FOSSology developers online at any given time.

Most UNIX-like systems have IRC clients available; one excellent graphical tool is called XChat (

An excellent port of XChat to the Windows platform is available as well from

Project Team

Project Team