Issue tracker off - use GitHub

Added by Bob Gobeille about 1 month ago

Please use GitHub for reporting all new issues. All the old issues have been moved to there. Thank you Larry and Paul.

Issue tracker

Added by Bob Gobeille 2 months ago

I've turned on the issue tracker so we can complete the migration to github. Please DO NOT FILE NEW ISSUES. Use the github issue tracker for new issues.

2.6.2 Released

Added by Bob Gobeille 2 months ago

January 15, 2015

2.6.2-RC1 has turned into the 2.6.2 general release (without changes)

Issue Tracker Moved

Added by Bob Gobeille 3 months ago

We have been moving our development infrastructure to GitHub. That's where the issue tracker is now.

2.6.2-RC1 announced

Added by Bob Gobeille 3 months ago

January 6, 2015

2.6.2-RC1 released.

2.6.2 is a bug fix, performance, and license scanner update. Release notes can be found at: Release_Notes

New Master Repository

Added by Bob Gobeille 5 months ago

The master FOSSology repository has been moved from sourceforge to github:

Make sure you update your git config

FOSSology 2.6.1 general release

Added by Bob Gobeille 6 months ago

FOSSology 2.6.1 general release is now available. Note that 2.6.0 was never announced due to the late discovery of a performance bug that effected large databases.

2.6.0-RC1 Available

Added by Bob Gobeille 6 months ago

The FOSSology team is happy to announce the release of version 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1.

  • monk. This is a new license scanner contributed by our friends at Siemens and TNGTech. Monk looks for complete licenses (as defined in the database) and reports the percentage match (see also License highlighting below).
  • License highlighting. Now when you view a license you can see exactly what was added or removed from a license. This works especially well with monk since monk scans for complete licenses (stored in the fossology database). But it also works to show you what snippet nomos matched to identify a license.
  • New license browser
  • fo_copyright_list can now list files that contain a copyright, or list files that do not contain a copyright.
  • fo_license_list has new options to exclude licenses (or directories)
  • Many new licenses added
  • Old bugs fixed, new ones added. see our issue tracker

Installation and upgrade instructions can be found at Install_2_6

If no critical issues are found in RC1 we hope to put out the general release on Sept 24.

Many thanks to Larry, Vincent, Johannes, Andreas, Daniele, Steffen, Paul, Oliver, and everyone who have filed bug reports, contributed code, documentation and made FOSSology a great tool.

2.5.0 now available

Added by Bob Gobeille 12 months ago

On April 9, 2014 we released 2.5.0.

See release notes at Release_Notes

2.5.0-RC1 Released

Added by Bob Gobeille about 1 year ago

2.5.0-RC1 is now available.
See Release_Notes

We are hoping to release the final 2.5.0 on April 9. So if you find any bugs, please report them asap.

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