Advancing open source analysis

Our mission is to build a community to facilitate the study of Free and Open Source Software by providing free and open source data analysis tools. However, we have evolved to be a set of tools to assist in open source governance. Today, the predominant use of FOSSology is scanning files for licenses and copyrights.

The FOSSology project site is in the process of being rebuilt, organized and cleaned up. Tell us what you think at . All comments & suggestions are welcome.

Please see the Contact Us page to subscribe to our mailing lists and/or join our irc channel.

Want to try out FOSSology? Try the demo server at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO):
or their server with their SPDX module installed:
UNO maintains the SPDX project at https://github.com/spdx-tools/fossology-spdx

Packages for download are available from http://www.fossology.org/releases/. Or, you can grab the source tarball from http://sourceforge.net/projects/fossology/files/fossology/.

Confused about where to start on our website? Start here.

  • Homepage: fossology.org

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Issue tracker
Turned on for migration - Don't use
Added by Bob Gobeille 1 day ago

2.6.2 Released
2.6.2 Released
Added by Bob Gobeille 13 days ago

Issue Tracker Moved
Where did the Issue Tracker go?
Added by Bob Gobeille 15 days ago

2.6.2-RC1 announced
2.6.2-RC1 released for testing
Added by Bob Gobeille 22 days ago

New Master Repository
Master source repository has moved
Added by Bob Gobeille 3 months ago

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