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Our mission is to build a community to facilitate the study of Free and Open Source Software by providing free and open source data analysis tools. However, we have evolved to be a set of tools to assist in open source governance. Today, the predominant use of FOSSology is scanning files for licenses and copyrights.

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Manager: Bob Gobeille, Oliver Fendt, Paul Guttmann
Developer: Andreas Würl, Bob Gobeille, Bruno Cornec, Dan Stangel, Daniele Fognini, Dong Ma, Gervase Markham, Johannes Najjar, larry shi, Liang Cao, Paul Guttmann, Raino Lintulampi, Silvano Cirujano Cuesta, Steffen Weber
Reporter: Alexander Kanevskiy, Andreas Würl, Brett Woodvine, Bruno Cornec, Bryan Sutula, Cat X, Dan Stangel, Daniele Fognini, Deborah Frye, Erik de Castro Lopo, Gabriel Carrillo, Gervase Markham, Glen Foster, Henri T., Huy-Nam Doan, Jean-Christophe Detay, jeff chou, Jia Jun Wong, Johannes Najjar, jonas arndt, Joshua Mahaz, Kelly Plummer, Kevin Lo, Kotrappa D, Kotrappa Devershetty, larry shi, Liang Cao, Luis Rosado, Luis Villa, Lukáš Fečke, Mahima Agarwal, Martin Hamant, Mary (Laser) Prouty, Michael C. Jaeger, Mike Dolan, Paul Holland, Ravi Kumar, Richard Corfield, Scott Jameson, Scott Lamons, Shaheem Azmal M MD, Stacey Johnson, Steffen Weber, Valerie Duncan, yoonsoo kim
Wiki: Andreas Würl, armijn hemel, Brad G, Brunel Caroline, Bruno Cornec, Camille Moulin, Dan Stangel, Daniele Fognini, Dave Finnegan, Dave McLoughlin, Erik de Castro Lopo, Gabriel Carrillo, Gaurav Gupta, Gervase Markham, Glen Foster, Johannes Najjar, Kelly Plummer, larry shi, Leena Joseph, Liang Cao, Luis Villa, Mark Menkhus, Martin Michlmayr, Mary (Laser) Prouty, Michael C. Jaeger, Michael Silberman`, Mike Dolan, Nayen Kim, Oliver Block, Paul Holland, Pedro Gomez, Pete Jalajas, Scott Jameson, Senthil Natarajan, Steffen Weber, Susanne Oberhauser, Valerie Duncan

Latest news

dashboard patch for 2.6.2
Dashboard patch for 2.6.2 and postgres >= 9.2
Added by Bob Gobeille 3 months ago

FOSSology review
Ryan Arnold reviews FOSSology
Added by Bob Gobeille 3 months ago

Issue tracker off - use GitHub
Use GitHub issue tracker
Added by Bob Gobeille 6 months ago

Issue tracker
Turned on for migration - Don't use
Added by Bob Gobeille 6 months ago

2.6.2 Released
2.6.2 Released
Added by Bob Gobeille 6 months ago

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